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Tableau Course Outline

Tableau Course Outline

Connecting to data
Simplifying and sorting your data
Organizing your data
Slicing your data by date
Using multiple measures in a view
Showing the relationship between numerical values
Mapping data geographically
Viewing specific values
Customizing your data
Analyzing data with quick table calculations
Showing breakdowns of the whole
Highlighting data with reference lines
Making your views available


Connect to your data
Edit and save a data source
Understand Tableau terminology
Use the Tableau interface / paradigm to effectively create powerful visualizations.
Create basic calculations including basic arithmetic calculations, custom aggregations and ratios, date math, and quick table calculations
Represent your data using the following visualization types: Cross tabs ,Geographic maps, Heat maps, Tree maps, Pie charts and bar charts, Dual axis and combined charts with different mark types, Highlight Tables, Scatter Plots
Build dashboards to share visualizations.

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