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SAS Course Outline

SAS Base and Advanced

SAS Base Introduction to SAS System
Data Access
Address data required by the application
Data Management
Shapes data into the form required by the application
Data Analysis
Summarize, Transforms data in to meaning and useful Information by using utility and statistical Procedures
Data Presentation
Coummunicates information in the ways that clearly demonstrates its Significance
Handling Errors
Identify and resolve logical errors, Recgnize and correct syntax errors, Examine and resolve data errors
SAS Advanced Accessing Data using SQL
Generate detail and summary report by working on single or multiple tables
Compare techniques to eliminate duplicate data by using SORT procedure and SQL Procedure
Macro Processing
Introducation to SAS Macro Language
Create and use user-defined and automatic macro variables
Automate programs by defining and calling macros
Understand the use of macro functions and various system options available for Macro debugging
Advanced Programming Techniques
SAS-Access to read data from different sources such as MS-Excel, MS-Access,Oracle, DB2 etc.
Reduce computing resources by controlling the space to store the data by using compression techniques
Effective usage of SAS system options

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